The registered office of the Company will be situated in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Limpopo-Dar Company, in Dar es salaam, began its global activity – specifically in Africa – in 2017. It is a holding company which has registered its activity in the field of At present, it has begun business in commerce, household import, and industrial goods from Asia, particularly from Iran to Africa. The base of this company’s sale of plastic and household goods is in Dar es salaam The company intends to start production of these goods in Africa and Tanzania in the near future instead of importing products, by installing machinery for plastics and related industries while importing raw materials from Iran and other countries holding petrochemical industry.

Managing Director

Farzin Derakhshanpour

In 2012, he established the “Faraz Foam Felez” Factory in the industrial district of Khorram Dasht in Pardis, in which was selected as the director of this complex. In the same year, the “Faraz Foam Felez” Factory, began to produce all kinds of industrial foam with two full-automatic production lines.


Hamed Pasha.M

He was born in 1983, has a BS in Communication, and is the Director of Business and International Affairs of the Chemical and Polymer Industry of Pardis, Executive Director of Pardis City Council, active in Commercial Affairs in the East of the Africa, a member of the Young Researchers Club, and Executive Director of the Limpopo Corporation in Tanzania.

Marketing Manager & Public Relations

Jackson.M. Chomboko

He was director of commercial and public relations at Limpopo, Tanzania, is the executive director for the specialized exhibitions of plastic products in Tanzania for 4 years and the CEO of Tulip Company for 3 years.